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Fun Educational Math Videos That Will Help Your Child Understand and Enjoy Numbers Like Never Before!

Our fun educational math videos for kids are founded in concrete math skills, enriched with creativity, and a splash of humor. MathTacular® is sure to become your children's favorite math supplement and who knows. . .your child may even have a new favorite subject!

In the MathTacular Videos you can watch Justin’s unique style and humor captivate your child and unlock the “mystery” of math concepts. He’ll help your child learn about everything from addition, subtraction, place value and estimating, to ordinal numbers, mass, area, fractions, money and more with nearly 100 real-world scenarios to demonstrate how math surrounds us in our everyday experiences.

MathTacular Educational math videos for kids are the perfect interactive training aid to help kids learn math concepts building on the original MathTacular® video, as Justin unleashes fun new ways to learn math. With our math videos, your children will discover new tricks to help them memorize and retain information. From there, each concept builds on the others—turning basic understanding into a natural ability to remember and use what they learn.

The MathTacular Videos are perfect for kids Ages 4-7 / Grades Pre-K - 2 and Ages 11 and up or Grades 4 and up.

Here are some highlights of topics covered in these math learning videos for kids:

• Addition • Subtraction • Money • Time • Place Value
• Data and Statistics • Geometric Shapes • Spatial Relationships • Measurements • Perimeter and Area
• Basic Equations • Multiplication • Division • Factors • Prime numbers
• Number Theory • Graphs • Fractions • and so much more!