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Why use real world, hands-on math?

Math can be confusing because it is often prestented as abstract symbols. The basic equation 1+1=2 requires you to first learn what four different symbols mean. From the very beginning, MathTacular has been dedicated to bringing math into the real world so your students can easily see what's happening when they do math. But you want more for your children. You want them to remember and apply what they've learned. That's why MathTacular is also very hands-on. Using items you can find around your house as well as excellent math manipulatives, your children can copy and recall the things they learn while watching the MathTacular videos.

Give your children Unbelievably Understandable Math!

The MathTacular DVDs turn Math into a fun subject that actually makes sense with real-life examples and optional manipulatives. Four carefully sequenced math DVDs teach basic concepts through fun, everyday applications. Your enthusiastic host, "Professor" Justin gradually progresses from teaching simple number recognition and counting to word problems solved with pre-algebra. Each grade-appropriate DVD features short video segments that allow children and teachers to easily skip to specific concepts for quick review or practice (though kids also love to watch their MathTacular videos straight through again and again!).

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The first MathTacular! video is the perfect supplement for preschool through 2nd grade math. Apples teach fractions, cars serve as rulers, and a bear hunter shares his snacks! Justin covers a complete list of concepts from top Math curricula; he starts with basic number recognition, counting and sorting, then uses math manipulatives to reinforce concepts like addition, subtraction, place values, money, time, estimation and geometric shapes. Justin uses household items, hilarious situations, games and real-life fun to help your child engage in math. If you'd like a more interactive experience our MathTacular Educational Kit offers a condensed version of the MathTacular! DVD along with some of the same math manipulatives used in the DVD.

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In MathTacular2, Justin is back and he's brought lots of friends to help turn math into a favorite subject - using humorous, real-life fun with numbers. After a bit of review on basic addition and subtraction facts, discover new tricks to help you with memorization. From there, each concept builds on the others, turning basic understanding into a natural ability to remember and use what you learn. Produced to supplement 2nd through 4th grade, MathTacular2 makes it easy to learn (and teach) more than 20 concepts from the top elementary math programs, including Horizons, Saxon and Singapore.

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In the MathTacular3 DVD, Professor Justin builds upon the first two videos with over 4 hours of hilarious situations in which he and his friends tackle more advanced math. Produced to supplement 3rd-5th grades, Justin reveals how you can handle multiplication, division (both long and short), estimation, mathematical properties, equations, factors, prime numbers, spatial relationships (like angles and coordinate planes), time zones, money, converting measurements, fractions, and a whole lot more. MathTacular3 takes the mystery out of more than 50 concepts from the top elementary math programs, including Horizons, Saxon and Singapore.

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The final video, MathTacular4: Word Problems follows Detective Justin Time and Amber Waves as they search for Amber's poor porknapped pig! Follow Detective Justin and Amber as they track down the dreaded Word Puzzler, who left a string of word problems behind as clues. With simple, logical steps, Detective Justin and Amber Waves "crack the code" of word problems as they tackle one math puzzle after another. Students can follow along with a coordinating Workbook containing each problem in the DVD plus extra practice problems. As they progress, the word problems get trickier, but our heroes gain the skills to press on. Will they ever find the porknapped pig?

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Unique among the popular MathTacular series, MathTacular4: Word Problems, covers a wide scope of mathematical skills while focusing on the skills necessary for Word Problems. Even if your kids aren't ready for the more advanced skills (like fractions and algebra at the end of the video), they'll love watching Amber Waves and Justin Time chase the case to the end! The MathTacular4 DVD with Workbook is great for Grades 6 and up; the DVD alone is perfect for grades 4 and up.

With 20,000 videos sold, the MathTacular series enables teachers, parents and students to understand math and apply it in the real world. MathTacular makes math fun, practical and Unbelievably Understandable!