Ages 4 - 7 / Grades Pre‑K - 2

Your child will understand and enjoy numbers like never before!

Help your child learn about everything from addition, subtraction, place value and estimating, to ordinal numbers, mass, area, fractions, money and more with nearly 100 real-world scenarios to demonstrate how math surrounds us in our everyday experiences.

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MathTacular1 DVD

MathTacular! DVD

The first MathTacular! DVD that started it all. Perfect for a student just starting out in math or would benefit from a quick refresher of the basic concepts. The simplest way to get started on your MathTacular journey... and sure to get your kids excited about the next in the series.

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88 Segments covering 17 Topics

  • Number Recognition
  • Odd & Even/Pairs
  • Counting
  • Skip-counting
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Comparisons
  • Position
  • Colors
  • Shapes & Geometry
  • Patterns
  • Money
  • Calendar
  • Telling Time
  • Graphs
  • Fractions
  • Measurement

Run Time: About 4 hours (226 min)

MathTacular 1-3 DVDs

MathTacular 1-3 DVD Set

Cover the main concepts of elementary math (from Addition and Graphs through Fractions and Angles). The MathTacular DVDs do much more than simply explain the ideas. Your children will witness math in the real world, which will help them see and understand the often abstract aspects of math.

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MathTacular 1-4 Set

MathTacular 1-4

Add the MathTacular4 DVD and Workbooks to master even word problems in addition to everything else. Take what you've learned in MathTacular 1-3 and now test your skills against the Word Puzzler, a devious foe bent on making math confusing. But never fear! With the help of Detective Justin Time and Amber Waves, your students will confidently ferret out the answers and laugh while doing so.

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MathTacular Educational Kit

MathTacular® Educational Kit

In a category all to itself, the MathTacular Educational Kit provides your students with a child-friendly DVD navigation (with pictures instead of text) and all the manipulatives needed to follow along with each segment. The DVD in this kit contains 67 of the 88 activities on the MathTacular1 DVD. A great gift for any child who loves math or does not yet know they will!

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MathTacular Samples