MathTacular 3

Ages 8 - 11 / Grades 3 - 5

Discover more secrets to make learning math easy and fun–with Justin and friends…

Justin uses hilarious situations to help students master these new math concepts and skills, with short learning segments followed by quick reviews or practice sessions.

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MathTacular3 DVD

MathTacular3 DVD

Mathtacular3 takes the mystery out of more than 50 concepts from the top elementary math programs, including Horizons, Saxon and Singapore. A wide range of students can all use the "Professor"'s tricks as Justin builds on concepts developed from Mathtacular 2. It's "onward and upward" as your students follow the gang into more advanced math. Don't be surprised if everyone gets so hooked that they gather around to watch Mathtacular 3 for hours!

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In MathTacular2, Justin unlocks the secrets of more than 20 concepts:

  • Multiplication
  • Division (short and long)
  • Estimation
  • Mathmatical properties
  • Equations
  • Factors
  • Prime numbers
  • Spatial relationships
    (like angles and coordinate planes)
  • Time Zones
  • Money math
  • Conversions
  • Fractions
  • and so much more!

Run Time: About 4 hours

MathTacular 1-3 DVDs

MathTacular 1-3 DVD Set

Cover the main concepts of elementary math (from Addition and Graphs through Fractions and Angles). The MathTacular DVDs do much more than simply explain the ideas. Your children will witness math in the real world, which will help them see and understand the often abstract aspects of math.

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MathTacular 1-4 Set

MathTacular 1-4

Add the MathTacular4 DVD and Workbooks to master even word problems in addition to everything else. Take what you've learned in MathTacular 1-3 and now test your skills against the Word Puzzler, a devious foe bent on making math confusing. But never fear! With the help of Detective Justin Time and Amber Waves, your students will confidently ferret out the answers and laugh while doing so.

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MathTacular3 Samples

"MathTacular is fantastic! Professor Justin presents math in a way that's easy to understand and fun. Our children can't watch it enough–and we love that they are getting addicted to learning." –Lisa W.